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Okay, so you’ve moved an old cabinet and seen a bunch of critters with way too many legs, signifying that you aren’t the only one calling the building home. If you are faced with a pest infestation — or suspect that you are at risk — the team from Berwick Pest Control is here to ensure you can get a good night’s sleep once more. We provide prompt and efficient solutions that are completely safe for your home, your family and your pets while minimising hassle.

We offer everything from ant control to spider control

No matter how many eyes or number of legs, we have the knowledge and expertise to eradicate your home of any uninvited guests quickly and affordably. A pest infestation isn’t just something that keeps you up at night — it can also cause extensive structural damage and even spread disease. Thankfully, we have the tools and industry experience to provide you with comprehensive services for pest control in Beaconsfield, such as:

Rats and mice
Termite inspections
Bed Bugs
Other pests

All our services come with a minimum six-month guarantee to back up our work and keep our service fully accountable. We also offer professional inspections to help identify the presence or risk of an infestation before it’s too late.

Choose the experts and earn peace of mind as you say goodbye to pests

With more than 10 years of experience and a fully trained team, we at Berwick Pest Control help Beaconsfield remove the issue from their mind and return to a relaxed, pest-free life. We equip ourselves with the latest tools and methods, along with the knowledge to apply them appropriately, to ensure we remain effective, reliable and time-efficient on jobs of any scale.

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Leave your details in the form at the top of our home page and we will offer a free estimate based on your needs with absolutely no obligation. If you would like to enquire directly or are ready to make a booking, call us on 0438 292 477 or (03) 9705 8323 and we will be more than happy to help you out.

From spider control to ant control and everything in between, Beaconsfield residents choose us!